Kamba African Rainforest Experiences

Luxury redefined – In the heart of the wilderness, Kamba African Rainforest Experiences in the Republic of Congo promises an authentic adventure. Away from the hustle, the focus is purely on oneself and the surrounding nature. Here, guests have the unique opportunity to experience African rainforest life up close and more intensely than anywhere else on Earth. Kamba offers much more than a traditional safari experience, creating incomparable encounters with fascinating animal species such as gorillas, forest elephants, grey parrots, and other rarely seen wildlife in a way that remains unmatched. Immersing oneself in this environment allows individuals to draw fresh energy from the forces of the tropical rainforest.

The Republic of Congo should not be confused with the Democratic Republic of Congo, where unrest occasionally occurs. The Republic of Congo is considered a stable travel destination.


As the only private tourism provider in the Odzala-Kokoua National Park, Kamba presents an untouched wilderness in one of the most remarkable and remote places on Earth. For nature enthusiasts, a journey to the Congo Basin is considered paradise. The Republic of Congo offers visitors a safe way to experience one of Africa's most breathtaking ecosystems. As the second-largest rainforest after the Amazon, the jungle captivates with its pure and natural air, possessing a special quality due to limited human access.

Kamba comprises three camps spread throughout the National Park. The journey is made by a twin-engine small plane from Brazzaville, the capital of the Republic of Congo, taking 90 minutes. The flight alone promises a dreamlike experience over the green landscape of the forest. On-site, medical care is available at all times, provided by a doctor.

Camps and Lodges

Africa's most fascinating lodges promise the highest level of privacy and exclusivity, seamlessly integrated into the wilderness. In total, three stylish accommodations are available, each distinguished by warm hospitality, and each guest receives individual attention. All lodges offer six bedrooms with private bathrooms and hot showers, flush toilets, beds with mosquito nets, and spacious wrap-around terraces. Despite these commonalities, each camp provides a unique opportunity to explore the rainforest. Each lodge can accommodate a maximum of 12 guests and is accessible to visitors aged 15 and above – both for their own protection and the well-being of the animals. The journey through the Odzala-Kokoua National Park can be booked for a period of 7 to 12 days.

Ngaga Lodge
In Ngaga Lodge, visitors have the unique opportunity to encounter gorillas up close and explore their habitat. Six thatched-roof bungalows, along with an observation platform, a dining area, and a lounge overlooking the treetops, are nestled among the trees. Guests fall asleep to the concert of the jungle.

Mboko Lodge
Mboko Lodge sits at the intersection of savanna, forest, and river, providing insight into the stunning diversity of the Congolese ecosystem. Located in the southern region of the Odzala-Kokoua National Park, it serves as a starting point for kayaking tours. The spacious canvas-wrapped bungalows line the shore, accompanied by a large pavilion serving as a social hub and an open terrace with a fireplace, a souvenir shop, and a bar offering a beautiful view of the sunset.

Lango Lodge
The cozy Lango Lodge majestically overlooks a bay where herds of elephants, forest buffaloes, grey parrots, and numerous other wildlife peacefully gather. The elevated double and twin bungalows allow guests to observe the fascinating spectacle of animals in tranquility. The bar at Lango Lodge invites guests to enjoy relaxed moments or the sunrise.

Restaurants & Bars

The allure extends not only to the surrounding rainforest but also to the culinary experiences, undoubtedly a highlight of the Kamba journey. Despite the idyllic jungle location, top-notch service always ensures the well-being of visitors. All lodges offer exquisite dining. Lunch and dinner are served in three exciting courses, with a rich selection of appetizers, main courses, and desserts. Breakfast is not only healthy and nutritious, but additional snacks are also available throughout the day. By using local and seasonal ingredients combined with international cooking techniques, guests experience a variety of culinary delights. Kamba's exotic cuisine conjures authentic flavors from South Africa, France, and India, always with a touch of Congolese sophistication that leaves nothing to be desired. Delicious alternatives are, of course, available for vegetarians. In the lodges there is the possibility to either take part in a large communal dinner or to choose private tables.


Hiking and Kayaking Tours
An expedition through the Ngaga forest, a stroll along the waters of Lango, or an exploration of the vast savannah at Mboko – each day in paradise unfolds a new adventure. In Kamba, most activities are undertaken on foot or by kayak. The kayaking tour along the gentle course of the Lekoli River, accompanied by experienced wildlife guides, leads to hidden coves and mysterious corners. This allows adventurers to experience the wilderness from an entirely new perspective and discover new animal species peacefully grazing on the banks or exulting in the trees above the river. What makes the hikes special is the conscious decision to forgo the comfort of a car, as the discovery tours start directly from the camp. In addition to conventional rainforest walks, swamp and night hikes are also on the program. The night brings a special magic when the rainforest awakens, and guests feel the pulsating vitality around them. Guided hikes are characterized by a serene atmosphere that establishes a profound connection to nature. The gentle rustling of green leaves conveys the feeling of being surrounded by a protective hand.

Gorilla Tracking
Gorilla tracking is a unique opportunity to approach the animals in a way that is not possible anywhere else. It is not just about observing but experiencing an intense connection with gorillas – beings that have an astonishing genetic connection to humans. Gorilla trackings are guided by the highest nature conservation principles. In small groups of no more than four guests, plus wildlife guides and trackers, the animals are encountered with the utmost respect. These intense and outstanding moments provide a new perspective on our existence and the beauty of our Earth.


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