Roca Sundy Principe Island

This lovingly restored old plantation house, whose grounds are shared with local villagers, will give you a real feeling of the character and history of Príncipe Island. Of its 12 authentically decorated rooms, you can choose between Colonial House or the Plantation House, with spectacular tropical views.


The Atlantic Archipelago of São Tomé and Príncipe includes two islands and several islets, among them Bom Bom island. Situated in the Gulf of Guinea, they form together with the neighbouring Island of Pagalú and Bioko, the group of the archipelagos of the Gulf the Guinea, on the African western coast. The hotel Roça Sundy is located at Príncipe Island, São Tomé and Príncipe. You can reach it by air from Portugal with TAP or STP Airways. A domestic flight from São Tomé international airport operates daily to Príncipe Island. In São Tomé main island, accommodation is provided at the boutique hotel Omali.

Rooms & Suites

At Roça Sundy, you’ll find 12 comfortable rooms: 6 rooms in the Plantation House and 6 rooms in the Colonial House. The Colonial House is Roça Sundy’s main house, where the hotel services, restaurant and bar are to be found. In the Plantation House, the style is more contemporary but with the same level of comfort and splendid views overlooking the plantation grounds or tropical forest. All of the rooms are spacious and include air conditioning, private bathroom, satellite TV, safe and mini-bar.

Colonial House: Three rooms with panoramic view on the first floor, with 30m², including balcony. Two of them are connecting rooms. More three rooms on the ground floor: one master suite (50m²) and two rooms (30m²) with garden view, all with private bathroom.

Plantation House: Six rooms with 25m² of living space, three with garden view and another three with panoramic view and balcony, all with private bathroom.

Roca Sundy Restaurant laid table on terrace

Restaurant & Bars

At the Roça Sundy restaurant our commitment is both social and environmental. What we don’t produce in our own organic gardens, we negotiate fairly with local producers and we believe that this is the only approach that makes sense. Dishes are always inspired locally with fresh fish, fruits and vegetables of the season.

Leisure Activities

Beyond the heritage and the contact with the local community, that Roça Sundy provides, there is an island to be discovered. Set out on the adventure and be delighted with the wide range of memorable experiences that Príncipe has to offer you.

This is a great way of getting to know the island’s culture and outstanding scenery in a single day. You’ll also be able to observe the secrets of our organic farming and experience different aromas and tastes, as well as enjoying a marvellous traditional local meal.

Learn all about the secrets of organic farming at the plantation house, Roça Paciência. Taste the different aromas and tastes of Príncipe Island’s aromatic herbs and medicinal plants, visit the gardens and see how the products are transformed into delicious jams, tropical muesli, toiletries and beauty products.

This trip consists in accompanying the monitoring of the sea turtles laying their eggs on the beaches of Príncipe Island, between September and April. You’ll get to learn about sea turtles and the conservation of this threatened species. If you’re lucky enough to watch a female laying her eggs or her young being hatched, it is certainly an unforgettable experience. WHALE WATCHING Watch whales and dolphins in their natural habitat. Príncipe Island is a great place for spotting these beautiful species.

São Tomé and Príncipe has between 21 and 29 endemic species of birds. Take your binoculars and venture out to discover them. Their sounds and colours are unique and unforgettable.

Discover the cocoa plantations, walk along rivers, climb to Papagaio peak, 700 meters high formed from volcanic rock or just refresh yourself in the waterfalls. The unpredictable weather only adds to the mystery and ambience of this unique island.

Experience this great way to get a sense of the people and culture of Príncipe island. You will able to interact with, talk to, and learn from people in a relaxed and genuine way.

Enjoy the freedom and all the beauties of the underwater world of Príncipe island.

Enjoy a boat trip along the beaches of the northeast side of the island and discover the natural beauty of Príncipe from the perspective of the sea.

Lose yourself counting shooting stars under a clean and endless sky. With the help of telescopes observe constellations and all the most incredible things that the universe has to offer us.


Lying in perfect isolation some 130 miles off the West African coast, Príncipe’s forests shelter an abundance of endemic birds and plants, reptiles and amphibians – little wonder the island is sometimes referred to as Africa’s Galapagos. But this is not a desert island: Príncipe has its people too, living in the colourful main town, Santo António, or scattered in pretty fishing villages along the coast. Our goal is to maintain and build harmony between the people and their island, and Roça Sundy is a vital part of that goal, providing a model of sustainable, responsible tourism, with the people of Príncipe involved at its core.

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